Destination 2040: Needs Assessment

Every four years the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization conducts a Needs Assessment to inform decisions about the allocation of federal transportation dollars in the Long-Range Transportation Plan. As a GIS Programmer/Analyst for the Central Transportation Planning Staff I helped update, run, and analyze the region's four-step travel demand model. Many of the model inputs and results are presented in Chapter 6 and 8 of the Destination 2040 Needs Assessment, which was approved in August 2019.

The full document can be accessed here. It is quite dense, so below are examples of the some of the maps and tables I helped produce.

Rapid Transit Boardings, 2016-2040 Commuter Rail Boardings, 2016-2040

Areas within One-Quarter Mile of Transit and Frequent Transit in the Boston Region Access to Frequent Transit: Households and Employment 2016

Areas that exceed the regional threshold for the minority population Areas that exceed the regional threshold for low-income households Transportation Equity Populations in the Bay Area