Destination 2040: Needs Assessment

Every four years the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization conducts a Needs Assessment to inform decisions about the allocation of federal transportation dollars in the Long-Range Transportation Plan. As a GIS Programmer/Analyst for the Central Transportation Planning Staff I helped update, run, and analyze the region's four-step travel demand model. Many of the model inputs and results are presented in Chapter 6 and 8 of the Destination 2040 Needs Assessment, which was approved in August 2019.

The full document can be accessed here. Below are examples of the some of the maps and tables I helped produce.

Rapid Transit Boardings, 2016-2040 Commuter Rail Boardings, 2016-2040

Areas within One-Quarter Mile of Transit and Frequent Transit in the Boston Region Access to Frequent Transit: Households and Employment 2016

Areas that exceed the regional threshold for the minority population Areas that exceed the regional threshold for low-income households Transportation Equity Populations in the Bay Area