CTPS Interactive Applications

When I was at the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization's Central Transportation Planning Staff I updated and developed interactive applications to support internal work and public understanding of regional transportation planning. The applications were built using D3 and are designed to be updatable when future iterations of the Boston Region's Long Range Transportation Plan are completed. Below are a sample of the applications I worked on.

The applications vary in complexity, with some more straighforward than others. The map below displays all the towns in Massachusetts and their respective Municipal Planning Organization (MPO). Clicking on a town brings up a link to redirect the user to the MPO's website.

The next applications are the most complex, collecting and displaying an array of information used for the Destination 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Needs Assessment. My work on these interactive applications involved developing the data behind the maps and assisting on the javascript and D3 infrastructure for the appliction itself.

They are too large to properly display in-line here, but follow this links below to toggle through all the different maps and tables. Some of the more interesting metrics to look at involve overlying equity measures (i.e. Areas of Environmental Justice Concern, Areas Exceeding Zero Vehicle Household Threshold) with layers of transportation infrastructure. When combined with modeled origin-destination flows between regions, these maps create a framework to identify regional transportation needs.

Follow this link to see more of the applications produced by CTPS: https://www.ctps.org/applications